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Safe Room

Three Ways to Improve Your Security with A Safe Room

By Sandford Tuey

We all want to protect our families. You desire to keep your loved ones safe from harm while they are at home. The creation of a SAFE ROOM is a proven method to enhance your ability to survive a forced entry into your home.

1. Choose the Best Room in Your Home

The best way to safeguard your family while at home, is to build a Safe Room but which room is the best? Choose a room that is centrally located and quick to access from anywhere in your home. Camouflage the entrance to this fortress. Ensure you install emergency lighting and cameras throughout your home so that if the electricity is cut off, your family can safely find their way into the Safe Room and the cameras help you monitor what is going on within the rest of your abode, while your family is locked safely inside your fortress of solitude.

2. Fortify Your Safe Room

The priority of every Safe Room is to stop anyone from getting into your safe zone. Disguising the access door as a bookshelf or faux wall makes it harder to locate where you may be hiding. Improving the barrier between you and the outside helps limit break and entering experts. Enhance the structural integrity by lining all the walls, ceiling and floor with metal or concrete brick. Constructing with barriers that cannot be penetrated by a hammer or chain saw helps slow intruders to gain access to you. Consider this a great renovation that could save your life.

Adding cameras and two-way speaker systems throughout all the rooms of your building is an easy install. This strategically allows you to interact with intruders or manipulate them by letting them think you are in another section of your home. Replace the door lock with a more complex lock system. Think what would you do to get into the Safe Room and secure against those tactics.

3. Safe Room Accessories

Improve the perimeter of your home by making slight changes or renovate the building to make it harder for anyone to get in the Safe Room. Replace wooden doors with thick metal doors that have wood grains to look like your favorite wood type or that blend in with wall. Install security alarm devices on every point of potential entry.

There are even motion detector alarms that notify you by sending a signal to your cellphone or closed circuit TV monitors. You must enhance your property to stall a forced entry to allow you more time for you, your wife and kids to get into your Safe Room. Our renovation crew can assist you with this.

This is not an easy DIY project and having one of our crew assist in the design, planning and construction is recommended. This is a great remodeling project. Supplies and equipment to have in a Safe Room – fresh water supply, food, medical kit, fire extinguisher, back up electricity, flashlights and a filtered source of oxygen. Think of any other items that would make you more comfortable during an event. With a little home remodeling, you can keep your family safe.

Be Safe and Secure in Your Home’s Safe Room