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Greener Homes Grant

Financial assistance for the installation of your photovoltaic system

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    Greener Homes Grant Solar Panels - Battery Storage

    The Greener Homes Grant offers financial assistance for the installation of your photovoltaic system, covering the costs involved.

    Solar Panels – $1,000/kW
    Battery Storage – $1,000

    Solar Panel System

    To acquire the panels, it is necessary to make a purchase through a distributor based in Canada.

    The grant is calculated proportionally, which means 3.5kW = $3500

    Solar Panels
    Minimum capacity: 1.0kW DC

    For those who possess a good grasp of the topic, it is recommended to consider the installation of one or more photovoltaic panels, along with an inverter if needed.
    $1,000 per kW

    Battery Storage

    To enhance the functionalities, it is necessary to integrate it with an additional upgrade.

    ​​Install batteries connected to solar panels $1,000

    For more specific information, please refer to the official government website.

    Solar Grants FAQs

    Does the location of installation need to be on the rooftop of my primary residence?

    Solar panels have the flexibility to be installed either on the roof of a building or on the ground, as long as the location falls within the boundaries of the property. This applies specifically to the house that is linked to your application.

    If I already have a solar panel system, does that mean I can't qualify?

    No, individuals who own homes and choose to install additional solar panels can still qualify for the same financial incentive, which is determined based on the increased energy capacity.

    Am I required to disconnect from the power grid in order to meet the eligibility criteria?

    Both types of systems are eligible for the rebate, regardless of their characteristics. In British Columbia, net-metering is a highly efficient method to maintain a connection with the grid while maximizing energy usage.

    Is it possible for me to apply for solar energy before scheduling an energy assessment?

    Booking an energy evaluation is mandatory in order to qualify for any federal rebate or loan. It is a necessary step that must be taken in order to avail of these benefits.


    A photovoltaic system is comprised of one or multiple solar panels, along with an inverter and/or other associated equipment.

    In the field of solar panels, the kilowatt (kW) is used as a measurement for power. More specifically, it represents the output capacity of the panels under optimal sunlight conditions.

    The inverter, also referred to as a solar or photovoltaic inverter, is responsible for transforming the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) that is utilized in households.

    Greener Homes Grant - Apply in a few easy steps!

    Step 1: Check the eligibility. Learn about the official requirements via the shared link or our expert team.

    Step 2: Submit your application online. Start with your application online here: https://www.nrcan Choose TOTL as your go-to service provider to undertake the EnerGuide assessment. Remember to include your property tax roll number and a valid government ID. Hint: Find your tax roll number on the BC Assessment’s website!

    Step 3: Schedule your evaluation. By choosing HomeStep.ca, you’ll join our waiting list automatically. After finishing up with your application, go ahead and book an energy assessment in person.

    Once your application is placed on our waitlist, we will personally reach out to you.

    Step 4: The evaluation of a home’s energy efficiency conducted before retrofitting.

    The assessment provides:

    • Before you start making any retrofits, you will need to undergo a pre-retrofit EnerGuide assessment to qualify for the grant.
    • A knowledgeable energy consultant conducts an in-person EnerGuide assessment before the retrofit to determine the efficiency of your residence. This evaluation typically lasts for 1-2 hours and allows the consultant to offer recommendations for improvements.

    Step 4A: Optional Interest-free loan

    The Government of Canada offers a loan of $40,000 that requires no interest and can be utilized to assist in covering the expenses of your renovation project. If you’re interested in obtaining further details, visit the Greener Homes Loan page.

    Step 5: Retrofit your home

    Once the initial EnerGuide assessment before retrofitting has been conducted, you will receive a comprehensive report containing the outcomes and our suggested actions. Upon reviewing the report, you can make an informed decision regarding the most suitable retrofits for your needs.

    Step 6: Post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation

    Schedule an EnerGuide assessment after retrofitting your home and submit the necessary documentation either online or through traditional mail. After the evaluation is finished, you will receive an updated EnerGuide label that reflects the increased energy efficiency of your home.

    Step 7: Request and receive your grant.

    Once you have finalized your grant amount, which encompasses both the retrofit expenses and the energy advisor’s fee, you will be prompted to confirm it. Once the confirmation is complete, you can expect to receive a check via mail within a span of 30 business days.

    Greener Homes Grant FAQs

    Am I eligible to receive multiple grants?

    The maximum rebate you can receive is $5,600, which includes the $600 allocated towards the evaluation of your energy usage.

    Is it possible for me to receive funding for work that has already been finished?

    Rebates are applicable only to retrofits that have been finished after scheduling your energy evaluation.

    Am I still eligible for rebates offered by the province?

    You can still receive all provincial rebates for any eligible upgrade.

    $40,000 Interest-Free Greener Homes Loan

    The Government of Canada is offering interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to assist homeowners in covering the expenses associated with retrofits. These loans can be accessed by individuals and are specially designed to provide financial support for retrofit costs.

    The Canada Greener Homes Loan operates in conjunction with the Greener Homes Grant initiative.

    Homeowners have the option to choose a loan with a repayment term of 10 years, without any interest. This loan can be used for making retrofits such as insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, and other similar improvements.

    Please provide your project's details.

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