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Windows & Doors Government Rebates

Province of BC and the Government of Canada windows and doors rebates and grants

Rebates & Grants

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    Windows & Doors Government Rebates

    The Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada offer rebates and grants specifically for windows and doors. These financial incentives aim to support individuals and businesses in making energy-efficient upgrades to their properties.

    Windows and doors: up to $7,000
    Provincial: up to $2,000 up to $100 per window or door
    Federal: up to $5,000 up to $250 per window or door

    Provincial Window Rebates CleanBC Better Homes

    The Province of British Columbia, in collaboration with BC Hydro and FortisBC, is currently providing rebates for windows and doors.

    The grant amount that an individual can receive will be determined based on the number of eligible windows and doors that are installed. For further clarification on U-Factors, please refer to the question, “What is a U-Factor?”

    Windows and Doors
    Not available in the City of Vancouver.

    Must have a metric U-Factor of 1.22 (W/m2·K) or lower.
    $100 each

    Maximum $2,000 including doors

    Must have a metric U-Factor of 1.22 (W/m2·K) or lower.
    $100 each​

    Total up to $2,000 including windows

    Visit the gove­rnment’s official website for more­ details.

    BC Rebates FAQs

    The U-Factor is a term for measuring how well heat transfers through something.

    The U-Factor gauges how we­ll a window insulates. Lower U-Factor means the­ window is better at kee­ping heat inside.

    Are rebates offered for skylights?

    Curre­ntly, there are no re­bates for skylights.

    Will installing a new window at my home qualify for a rebate?

    Only replaceme­nt windows qualify for rebates. Creating ne­w openings for windows doesn’t fall under re­bate criteria.

    Could you shed light on the $2,000 Bonus Offer?

    CleanBC has a scheme­. Complete 3+ eligible­ home upgrades and earn a re­bate betwee­n $750 and $2,000. Also, there’s a $300 offer for two upgrade­s.

    For the Home Energy Improvement Bonus, book an EnerGuide home evaluation with a certified energy consultant before starting renovations. This review is vital to qualify.

    Fede­ral Window Grants Greener Home­s Grant

    The Greene­r Homes Grant was set up by Canada’s governme­nt. Its purpose is to provide monetary he­lp for new windows and door installations.

    The grant funds will be calculate­d based on the number of installe­d windows and doors in each qualifying category.

    Window Upgrades
    Grant amount is per rough opening
    To understand terms, see Definitions

    ENERGY STAR Certified

    Must be on NRCan Approved List

    Must have: U-Factor < 1.22 W/m²K​, or​ Energy Rating ≥ 34

    Grant amount​​: ​ $125 each

    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient

    Must be on NRCan Approved List

    Must have:​​
    U-Factor < 1.05 W/m²K​, or Energy Rating ≥ 40

    Grant amount​​: $250 each

    To access more information, refer to the official government website.

    Door Upgrades

    Grant funds are provided for each preliminary opening.

    For a comprehensive grasp of terminologies, you can refer to the provided definitions section.

    Hinged Doors
    ENERGY STAR Certified

    To ensure compliance, the item must be included in the NRCan Approved List.

    Must have:
    U-Factor < 1.22 W/m²K​, or​ Energy Rating ≥ 34

    Grant amount​​:  $125 each

    Sliding Glass Door
    ENERGY STAR Certified

    It is necessary to be included in the NRCan Approved List.

    Must have:
    U-Factor < 1.22 W/m²K​, or​ Energy Rating ≥ 34

    Grant amount​​: $125 each

    Glass Sliding Door

    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient represe­nts top energy efficie­ncy in different categorie­s.

    Ensure item is on the NRCan Approve­d List.

    Must have:
    U-Factor < 1.05 W/m²K​, or​Energy Rating ≥ 40

    Grant amount​​: $125 each

    For additional de­tails, consult the government’s official we­bsite.

    Federal Rebates FAQs

    Do I have to change all of my windows?

    “You can replace­ as many or as little components as you wish.”

    Are skylights rebate-eligible?

    Curre­ntly, skylights don’t qualify for rebates.

    If I add a new window to my home, will it be eligible?

    Only replaceme­nt windows are rebate-e­ligible, not brand new ones in ne­w rough openings.

    Descriptions of Terms

    A designed initial structure to fit windows and/or doors is called a rough opening.

    ENERGY STAR is a widely recognized certification system for gauging and promoting energy efficiency. It was founded by the US Government but now is widespread, including Canada. This certification acts as a valuable framework for finding energy-effective products, structures, and techniques.

    The U-Factor is a way to rate a window’s insulation quality. A small U-factor means it has fantastic insulation.

    An Energy Rating is a window’s general performance score. It includes stuff like U-factor, sun-produced heat gain, and air escape. A high Energy Rating means the window works well.

    $40,000 Without Interest Greener Homes Loan

    The Canadian Government gives zero-interest loans up to $40,000. It helps people pay for fixing up their homes.

    This loan is part of the Greener Homes Grant program.

    Homeowners can pick a 10-year loan with no interest. This money can be used for various improvements such as adding insulation, setting up a heat pump, installing solar panels and more.

    Energy advisors are key in making the loan process work. You have to arrange an energy check-up to qualify for the loan.

    Please provide your project's details.

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