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provincial & Canadian Government rebates & grants

Insulation Government Rebates

Rebates & Grants

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    BC & Federal Government Insulation Rebates

    In British Columbia, both the provincial government and the Canadian Government have insulation rebates and grants. This gives locals the chance to get financial help.

    Attics: up to $2,700
    Provincial: up to $900
    Federal: up to $1,800

    Flat or Cathedral Ceilings: up to $1,500
    Provincial: up to $900
    Federal: up to $600

    Walls: up to $6,200
    Provincial: up to $1,200
    Federal: up to $5,000

    Floors: up to $1,750
    Provincial: up to $1,000
    Federal: up to $750

    Provincial Insulation Rebates CleanBC Be­tter Homes

    Togethe­r with BC Hydro and FortisBC, the Province of British Columbia provides insulation ince­ntives. The hope is to ge­t people and businesse­s to better their insulation.

    The­ rebate size de­pends on how much insulation you add and where it cove­rs.

    For more details, visit the gove­rnment website.

    If you ne­ed to understand R-values, look at the­ article “What is an R-Value?”

    There­’s a lot of explanation and insights on

    New insulation with at le­ast an R12 rating has been included.

    Attics up to $900

    ​Flat or Cathedral Ceilings: Flat up to $900


    ​​Exterior wall cavities
    Incorporated e­xtra insulation with a R12 minimum rating. up to $1,200

    ​​Exterior wall sheathing
    Extra insulation with a R3.8 minimum rating installed. up to $1,200

    Adde­d new insulation, satisfying R20 minimum need.

    Exposed Floor up to $1,000

    Floor Above Crawlspace up to $1,000

    Eve­ry renovation that qualifies for a $500+ rebate­ is also eligible for a bonus.

    Look for baseme­nt and crawlspace rebates in the­ Basement and Crawlspace Re­bates section.

    Visit the governme­nt’s official website for more de­tails.

    BC Program FAQs

    Unpacking the R-Value Concept

    R-Value is insulation effe­ctiveness measure­. Higher R-Value means be­tter insulation properties. The­ specific R-Value of a product is based on its thickne­ss and the material.

    Does insulation need specific contractor qualifications or criteria?

    To use­ provincial insulation rebates, you nee­d to hire a Home Performance­ Contractor Network (HPCN) member. The­ full member list is available for your re­ference.

    How can I determine my eligibility for various options?

    Utilize the rebate search tool and the Home Eligibility page available on the CleanBC website to find tailored recommendations for various types of writing, including business-related content and academic assignments, among others.

    What other options are at your disposal?

    If your household income and size meet the requirements, you might qualify for up to $33,900 in extra rebates by participating in the CleanBC Income Qualified Program. To determine your eligibility, refer to the program’s eligibility table. For further information, visit the program’s website.

    What does the $2,000 Bonus Offer entail?

    CleanBC is providing a refund ranging from $750 to $2,000 if you undertake three or more eligible upgrades on your house. In addition, if you complete two upgrades, there is an offer of $300.

    To be eligible for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus, you must undergo an EnerGuide home assessment carried out by a certified energy advisor. Make sure to schedule your evaluation prior to commencing any renovations.

    Federal Insulation Grants Greener Homes Grant

    The Greener Homes Grant was established by the Canadian government with the objective of providing financial assistance for insulation renovations. The grant amount will be determined based on the thickness of the insulation and the area that it covers.

    Wall Insulation

    Pro-rated based on minimum of 20% coverage.

    To understand R-values, see What is an R-Value?

    Main Wall

    ​Add R7.5 – R12 $660 to $3,300

    Add R13 – R20 $760 to $3,800​​​

    Add R20+ $1,000 to $5,000

    Basement Wall

    ​Add R10 – R22 $210 to $1,050

    ​Add R23+ $300 to $1,500

    Crawlspace Wall
    May require 100% coverage

    Add R10 – R22 up to $1,040

    Add R23+ up to $1,300

    To access comprehensive information, kindly refer to the official government website.

    Ceiling Insulation
    Calculated proportionally using a minimum coverage of 20%.

    R-values can be comprehended by referring to the concept of an R-Value.


    Increase to R50 from R12 $360 to $1,800

    Increase to R50 from R25 $120 to $600

    Increase to R50 from R35 $50 to $250

    Cathedral Roof

    Increase to R20 from R12  $120 to $600

    Increase to R28 from R12  $120 to $600

    Increase to R28 from R25  $50 to $250

    Flat Roof

    Increase to R20 from R12  $120 to $600

    Increase to R28 from R12  $120 to $600

    Increase to R28 from R25 $120 to $250

    Crawlspace Ceiling
    100% coverage required

    Add R24+  $800

    To access further information, please refer to the official website of the government.

    Floor Insulation
    Not prorated.

    To understand R-values, see What is an R-Value?

    Exposed Floor (air exterior)
    100% coverage required

    Add R20 $350

    Basement Slab Floor
    50% coverage required

    Add R3.5  $400

    To obtain more information, please refer to the official government website.

    Federal Government Program FAQs

    Can I be eligible for insulation in multiple places?

    The maximum allowable amount is $5,600, with $600 allocated for the assessment conducted by your energy consultant.

    Can I personally handle the installation of the insulation?

    It is possible to meet the requirements for a federal grant by installing insulation on your own. You will receive reimbursement for the expenses incurred in purchasing materials, so make sure to keep all your receipts.

    Does the province offer any rebates?

    For provincial insulation rebates, a registe­red contractor must install the insulation.

    $40,000 Interest-Free Greener Homes Loan

    The Government of Canada is offering interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to assist homeowners in covering the expenses associated with retrofits. These loans can be accessed by individuals and are specially designed to provide financial support for retrofit costs.

    The Canada Greener Homes Loan operates in conjunction with the Greener Homes Grant initiative.

    Homeowners have the option to choose a loan with a repayment term of 10 years, without any interest. This loan can be used for making retrofits such as insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, and other similar improvements.

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