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Interest-free government loan for renovations

More than $14,000 in rebates from BC government
Up to $5,600 from the Federal Government

Rebates & Grants

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    BC & Federal Grants

    Rewards and grants for renovations are funded by both British Columbia and Canada. Thumbs up to that!

    Top-ups may be available through your municipality.

    The Province of British Columbia partners with BC Hydro and FortisBC for renovation grants.

    Top-ups may be available through your municipality as well.

    The special CleanBC Home Energy Improvement Bonus Rebate is here, thanks to FortisBC and BC Hydro. Do three or more energy-saving upgrades at home for a $750 to $2,000 rebate. Or do two upgrades for a $300 rebate.

    To qualify, you’ve got to get the EnerGuide home checkup by a registered expert. Remember to do that before any renovations if you want the bonus.

    Get a home energy audit called EnerGuide. You need this before and after your upgrades. Every 1% reduction in your energy rating gets you $20. So, less energy usage equals more money in your pocket. For more info, see our EnerGuide page.

    For a quote evaluation, dial 604.880.4095 or use our online form.

    • The Canadian government set up the Greener Homes Grant. Its purpose? To help people cover the cost of making their houses better.

    • There's also a Canadian government loan. It's interest-free and can be up to $40,000 to help with renovation costs.

    • This loan and the Greener Homes Grant program go hand-in-hand.

    • Homeowners can enjoy a 10-year repayment period free of interest for upgrades. This includes insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, and more. Energy advisors are key helpers for the loan's use.

    • An energy assessment needs to be arranged to be eligible for the loan.

    Basic Program FAQs

    Please provide your project's details.

    Not sure if you're eligible?

    Use CleanBC’s rebate tool and Home Eligibility page.

    Can I apply for multiple rebates?
    Yep! You can apply for multiple local rebates. Want more? Check if your renovations qualify for both local rebates and national grants.
    Do provinces require special contractors?
    Yes! If you’re hoping for provincial rebates for heating or insulation, you need to hire a registered contractor.
    What else can I do?

    You could get up to an extra $33,900 in rebates through the CleanBC Income Qualified Program. It depends on your family size and income. More details? They’re on the eligibility chart.

    Book an appointment by giving us a quick call at 604.880.4095 or click on the button below to fill out an online booking form where you can choose the help you need to take advantage of these great renovations rebates from our governments.