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    BC & Federal Heat Pump Grants

    The Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, in partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC, offer rebates and grants for heat pumps. These incentives aim to provide financial support to individuals seeking to install heat pumps in their homes or businesses.

    Air-source heat pump: as high as $11,000*
    Provincial: to a maximum of $6,000*
    Federal: to a maximum of $5,000
    Ground-source heat pumps: as high as $5,000

    Heat pump systems that utilize air-to-water and water heater technology: up to $5 ,300

    Provincial: as high as $4,300
    Federal: up to $1,000

    *Additional funding from the local government might be accessible.

    The Province of British Columbia, in collaboration with BC Hydro and FortisBC, is providing rebates for heat pumps. The grants available may vary depending on the type of fuel being used.

    Ductless Heat Pumps
    A compressor that allows for adjustable speeds is necessary.

    Home must be 1,200 sqft or less $1,000$6,000

    To fulfill the requirements, a minimum of two indoor head units is necessary. $1,000$6,000

    Ducted Heat Pumps

    Central Ducted System
    You need an adjustable speed compressor to fulfill the requirements.

    Price: $2,000 to $6,000

    Dual-Fuel Central Ducted System
    No need for a variable speed compressor here.

    Price: $3,000

    Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

    Only listed products are eligible.

    Stand Alone Space Heaters

    Price: $3,000

    Combination Space and Water Heaters

    Price: up to $4,000

    Need more help? Ask about municipal top-ups.

    For info, check the government agency website.

    BC Rebates & Grants FAQs

    Does my current fuel affect rebate eligibility?

    In our province­, yes. Different from fe­deral programs. An example is a bigge­r rebate when switching from gas to an all-e­lectric heat pump.

    Any additional bonuses from my local government?

    In some areas, ye­s. You might get an extra $6,000 for heat pump installation.

    Check out extra choices nearby using the given list.

    Need to know what to think about when picking a contractor?

    To get the local heat pump rebates, hire a member of the¬ Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN). See the full member list for details.

    Does the local government help with money?

    Try the CleanBC Bette­r Homes cheap loans for house fixe­s. But, joining this loan plan might make you unable to get the­ heat pump rebate.

    Federal Heat Pump Grants Greener Homes Grant

    The Greener Homes Grant is from the Canadian government. They help pay for heat pump installs. The cash depends on what heat pump you choose and how well it works.

    Air Source Heat Pump
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    HSPF ≥ 10 in Zone 4

    Two power outlets: $2,500

    Three or more supply outlets: $4,000

    Air Source Heat Pump

    COP ≥ 1.8 at -15 °C
    HSPF ≥ 10 in Zone 4

    Two supply outlets: $2,500

    Three or more supply outlets: $5,000

    Ground Source Heat Pump

    To qualify for consideration, the products must be included in the list of eligible items while also complying with the Energy Efficiency Regulations.

    Full system, includes an underground water source $5,000

    Heat Pump Unit Only $3,000

    Heat Pump Water Heater

    To be considered eligible, the item needs to be included in the list of approved products.
    ENERGY STAR Certified $1,000

    Federal Government Rebates & Grants FAQs

    Is the type of fuel I currently use important?

    Regardless of the type of fuel you currently use, you will still be eligible for the same rebate amount.

    Am I still eligible if I have a secondary suite?

    To ensure proper heating, you must use either the existing heating system or a secondary certified heat pump system.

    Can a furnace be used as a secondary system?

    Inde­ed, you can get rebate­s for double fuel systems. Howe­ver, make sure that e­very part of the system is grade­d and trialed together. Re­st assured, we’re ope­n to reviewing the syste­m data to verify the loan eligibility.

    What about the province's rebates? Am I eligible?

    Check our website­ for specifics on rebates for he­at pump setups within the province.

    $40,000 Interest-Free Greener Homes Loan

    Homeowners in Canada have access to the government’s no-interest loans capped at $40,000. These aid in bearing the costs linked to revamping homes. It specifically benefits those looking to perform property upgrades.

    The Greener Homes Grant program loan ties in with the Greener Homes loans.

    The choice of a 10-year interest-free loan is with homeowners when embarking on retrofit projects. These include insulation fitting, the setup of heat pumps or solar panels, and other similar enhancements.

    Energy consultants significantly contribute to the functioning of the loan distribution. Please note – one must undergo an energy assessment to qualify for the loan.

    Please provide your project's details.

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