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Renovate A Room into Your New Home Office

By Sandford Tuey

If you want to telecommute from home or want to catch up on work or you want to work from your home but don’t know where to begin, contact TOTL Building & Design who are construction and renovation experts and provide an expectation of elite craftsmanship and superior customer service. If you need or would like a home office, all you have to do is pick a room and do some minor home renovations and contact TOTL.

Make sure you use professional high quality equipment if you will be using your home office often. Here are some great tips:

  1. Picking the room – You’ll want your home office to be near the washroom and kitchen for the frequent coffee breaks due to late night working binges. Ensure the room you select is large enough for the dream office you desire. Keep the color palette earthy tones or soft blues and greens to motivate you to be more productive. Too vibrant of wall colors can distract you and dark colors can depress or not motivate you. So, keep it light and not too busy looking.
  2. Furnishings – Use shelves and racks along the walls to help keep office supplies and items from being cluttered. Keep filing cabinets to a minimum as they are too bulky and you should have a digital office anyway. Consider a fold out desk top so you can put it away and make room for guests in the event of a unexpected visit from family and friends. An L-shaped desk helps to use all of the corner space or have one of our experts come in and design an original desk concept perfect for what you need.
  3. Equipment – When it comes to productivity you must have a good comfortable chair. Position your desk near a light source or to have access to outdoor sunlight, as it has been proven to make you more active, enjoy better quality sleep and improved energy for working. Use mobile tables, chairs and equipment stands so you can customize your office layout or move them out of the way. Add a sofa-bed to keep business clients comfortable and turn it into a bed for overnight guests.
  4. Finishing touches – Plants can enhance productivity and improve the oxygen level in your home office. They also look beautiful and improve concentration. Artwork (even your own) give a personal touch and flavor. Do whatever you want to help motivate you to work in your home business.
  5. Office devices – Use a laptop to save space and to make taking your work from the office to your home or even to a coffee shop or park for a break. A good printer / scanner with reasonable prices is a great investment. Any other office equipment should be compatible with your computer and we recommend these components linked by Wi-Fi. Check that your electrical outlets are plenty or buy a multi-power bar to protect your electrical equipment.


With an office in your home you will be tempted to work more but make sure you take standing breaks a couple times per day and get out and be active, as often as your time allows. Physical motion stimulates your brain which helps you perform at maximum ability.

Should you need help with the design, layout or renovation, contact one of our professionals at TOTL Building and Design. Be more productive with your new home office.