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Outdoor Fireplace

Make Your Outdoor Fireplace BBQ Irresistible

By Sandford Tuey

Everyone loves to sit around a warm campfire and share a few drinks with friends, while barbecuing your favorite foods and top the night off by roasting some marshmallows. Many great positive memories can be created in this outdoor environment. I particularly enjoy watching the flames dance and crackle, it is very relaxing and meditative. An outdoor BBQ fireplace can add flavor to your food, a peaceful environment and enhance an event or party, plus provide a great place to congregate to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Manufactured Portable Barbecues

You could buy the standard manufactured barbecue from a store or get the portable propane campfire version (which is legal to use even in a ‘fire ban zone’). Expect to pay $200 or more depending on the quality, brand and any extra options. When someone thinks barbecue, a portable metal frame appliance comes to mind, one that uses propane gas or charcoal to cook with. Which version you use is up to you and your preferred taste.

Focus on safety by checking the attachment valve that connects to the propane bottle. Make sure it is secure and will not move or fall out of it’s fastening clamp. You can ensure there are no deadly gas fumes escaping by submerging the attachment and entire hose while the propane is turned on and pressurized while in the hose to the burner(s). Ensure it is sturdy and the flames or heat will not ignite anything like foliage, walls or objects above it.

Outdoor Fireplace BBQ

Why cook your meals inside, when you can enjoy the outdoors and the weather outside? The best way to cook meat, fish and vegetables is over a fire in a BBQ pit setting. Make sure your BBQ pit is far enough from your home or any flammable objects (ten feet away should suffice). You want your outdoor fireplace BBQ area to enhance your home and the landscape theme.

First: Draw up plans and calculate the items you will need to construct your cooking masterpiece. This will help you figure out what you need to build it and speed up your visit to your renovation or landscape center. Pay attention to the backyard colors, layout design and your outside surroundings – like shrubs, trees, flowers, rock structures and any other personal touches that may inspire you. Our renovation experts can help you make your dream a reality.

Second: Clear an area that will be designated to be the outdoor fireplace BBQ area, make sure you add enough space for the accessories, serving and dining areas. Lay bricks, concrete or fireproof blocks for the foundation. Then build the bricks/blocks in the formation and style of barbeque you desire. You should consider to have a multipurpose design so you can cook the food but later turn up the fire and imitate a campfire experience.

Three: Ensure the structure is constructed solidly, aesthetically pleasing and can cook your favorite banquet. An entire pig or side of beef needs extra design and alterations than a traditional cooking space. Take into consideration the height of the grill, serving counters and shelves to make the task more comfortable for the cook.

Fourth: Create an area for the utensils, condiments and the food serving space (before cooking and after). Make it mess proof so that spills can be cleaned quickly helps.

Fifth: Add space for the dining area. You should consider a roof of some sort so that you can enjoy cookout any time you choose. Outdoor furniture can give your guests a place to relax while the food is being prepared and for cocktails after the feasting.

Sixth: Don’t forget the barbecue accessories. There are so many utensils available to help you cook and make your culinary experience more efficient and easier. Many types of toasting forks, various kinds of knives, spoons and ladles, tongs, brochette skewers, containers, squeeze bottles, pepper mills, sauce whisking brushes and smokers/rotisserie devices help create delicious feasts. Even adding extra racks for the foods that do not need an open flame make the task more convenient and keep the food warm.

Seventh: Customize landscape lighting can enhance the dining experience, especially at night. Priority should be on illumination of the cooking zone patio table and any other scenery you want to highlight. LED’s use less energy and can be directed like spotlights. It is recommended to hire landscaping and electrical professionals to ensure your renovations are perfect. Each outdoor fireplace BBQ project is an opportunity to create a creative and practical environment that is relevant to your home’s natural setting and specific to your needs with this home exterior renovations.

TOTL Building & Design are construction and renovation experts who provide an expectation of elite craftsmanship and superior customer service. Enjoy the flavor and ambience of a savory outdoor fireplace barbeque experience.