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Improve Safety for Seniors and the Disabled

Improve Safety for Seniors and the Disabled

By Sandford Tuey

Improving the safety of your business and home for use by the disabled, elderly or temporarily injured is a wise decision. With a few simple renovations and improvements, you can open your business and home to people who otherwise cannot have access to it. You can also improve the safety of areas and make them easier to get around in.


As we get older or become injured or have a mobility disability, it is a good idea to ensure your restroom/bathroom is safe. The best method to make a bathroom more accessible is to add grab bars to hold onto when having a shower, bath or using the toilet. Grab bars are a inexpensive way to make an existing bathroom safer and can be as easy as calling TOTL Building & Design.

It is important to remember when installing grab bars to find the studs and mount the bars to them. Not securing the bars to the studs directly could have you pull them out of the wall when you put weight on them and cause injury. That is why having a professional home improvement specialist like our workers is recommended.


Usually staircases have only one railing but some people would love to have a second rail on the other side to help maneuver up or down the stairs. There are several types of hand rails, some with more grip or visual appeal than others but that is a personal choice. Two handrails allow for stable traversing from one level of the home to another.

Changing the steps to a more stable and secure footing product is also recommended. Some homes have carpet covering the steps that can make a person slip and fall. It is advisable to remove the carpet and replace it with plastic grip sheets or solid wood. These have proven to reduce accidents.

Wheelchair Access

It is an advantage to have wheelchair access to your business or home to increase access for those that require this improvement. It is also convenient for your home and business to assist those that require ramps and special walkways. TOTL Building & Design can ensure your access improvements use the proper materials and are the right level and width to allow for easy use. It is also important to have the proper traction base as well, which will help stop slipping and sliding.

Scooter & Wheelchair Storage

Keep wheelchairs, crutches and other medical assist devices out of the way, yet easily accessible is possible by constructing places within walls or storage areas under staircases and foyers. Adding an electrical outlet specifically for the charging of scooters and power wheelchairs are extremely handy and convenient. It also keeps hallways and access entrances clear and safe.

With a little thought and advice from our renovation experts you can store your mobility assist equipment out of sight, yet quickly available when needed.

These are just some of the quick and easy renovation solutions we can provide to improve the safety in your home.