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Safe Room

Improve Your Home’s Security with Secret Rooms and A Security Headquarter

By Sandford Tuey

Everyone has seen movies where a mansion has secret rooms or sliding walls and bookcases leading to another part of the building. Or a walk in safe and paintings with the eyes cut out to look through. Then there is the master security room with monitors showing many camera views of parts of the property and home. If you think the above is cool and would love to do this, read more!

First, decide exactly what you want to do. Knock a wall out and put in a fake wall or renovate to add a hidden sliding door or some concealed stairs or an unknown room, only known to you for your valuable property and a protected safe. TOTL Building & Design will assist you to help you to get the proper permits and to design it to your specifications. You need to know what rooms you want to link together clandestinely and where your secret room will be.

Second, estimate and calculate your budget amount and the quality of the materials you will need for such a project. We can also help you with this task.

Third, then the actual labor will need to be calculated and completed on each security project you have chosen to commence. Should you want to sit back with your feet up, sipping on your favorite beverage and watch us do the work for you, we would love to assist you!

Renovating a room or adding a new addition to your home to accommodate your new security headquarters’ room, will allow you to monitor every aspect of the inside of your home, but also areas outside around your property. Total security monitoring is absolutely necessary in this day and age.

Fourth, the actual work can be provided by TOTL Building & Design so you can supervise your security endeavor being constructed. We will do room remodeling or renovation or even add on a new part to your home. Whichever you prefer.

Choosing indoor and outdoor home security cameras is a challenge, but with a little searching online and cost comparison, you can pick the system best for you within your price range. Once you decide which type of cameras you want, you need to select the perfect locations and install them. Take factors into consideration as weather conditions, length of recording, any motion detectors and remote internet access viewing.

Make sure all outside cameras and lighting are weatherproof and vandal proof. Just ask the retailer of your security system if you are unsure. Security specialists recommend dome covered cameras because they provide clear resolution and are hardened against anyone trying to destroy them. If you need constructed posts put in or any other additional things to hide or attach these security device to, we can help.

Next is the recording system and the length of recording time it will cover. It is recommended to have a minimum of 24 hours coverage or more per recorder and ensure you have a backup recording system too. Finally, battery life should last a few days and should automatically turn on if your home’s power shuts off. It must last no less than one day, more if you can afford it.

You also want something that can be viewed live on your phone or reviewed from wherever you are. Wireless viewing is the way to go, but make sure it is encrypted, so no one else can access your security data and images. If you think these devices should be encased or protected by a sub room, we can renovate an existing for you or add a new one.

So, determine if you want to remodel an existing room or renovate and add an addition to your home. Within a short time, you will have the security you desire to protect your family and possessions.