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fixer upper upgrade

Fixer Upper Upgrades

By Sandford Tuey

You want to purchase a fixer upper because it is a great investment but it could cost a fair penny and a ton of time to get it into livable condition.  To ensure your new investment does not become a financial burden contact TOTL Building & Design to transform your new property into a great residence.  The following information will help you and your contractor handle the renovations you desire.

Create an Active Remodeling Team

Put together a professional team of renovation professionals like TOTL Building & Design and take advantage of excellent skills and talent of our crew.  You’ll also need a great realtor, residential appraiser and a good home inspector.  The real estate agent can help you locate a fixer upper properties and the inspector will evaluate the properties to determine what’s needed to be done to meet codes.  Our team of experts can deal with these professionals so you can relax and supervise everything we do.  We handle repairs and upgrades, which will give you exactly what you need to make informed decisions during and after the buying process.  Once the improvements are complete an appraiser will be impressed and increase your upgraded residence’s value.

Consider These Things

Before you decide to buy a fixer upper, there are many aspects you need to consider.  Our crew can estimate how much work will be required and your pending cost.   Important areas of the home that should be inspected, and remodeled if needed include the following:

  • Roof and siding is critical for curb appeal, plus, you need to ensure there are no drafts and leaks that can cause additional heat and air conditioning costs or pests, mold or rot.  Make sure there are no signs of water damage and loose or rotting boards or replace them.
  • Ensure the basement is dry and a proper drain is not clogged and working.  The foundation must be level and not weak and have no cracks or crumbling.  Look for anything that could affect the integrity of the home.  Foundation cracks and leaks can ruin the entire structure of the home, plus cause damage and danger.
  • It is common for older homes to have outdated electrical wiring or even need to be entirely rewired to meet new code.  You may have to add new switches and outlets if they do not work, have malfunctions or look outdated and should be replaced.
  • Another main concern is the plumbing, so test the toilets to ensure they flush and that all faucets run hot & cold water.   It is crucial to ensure there are no leaks in any pipes, especially those hidden inside walls.  Having a professional inspect the plumbing is wise as it can be a costly repair.

Interior and Exterior Remodeling

TOTL Building & Design are an experienced and reputable renovation and remodeling contractor you can count on to fix up your new property.  Our team appreciates new home construction, as well as renovating and remodeling.   Take advantage of our knowledge and if necessary, we could rebuild your home from the ground up, if you desire.

Beginning outside allows potential buyers and neighbors to be impressed of the upgrades you do while you work on the inside, like electrical, plumbing, painting and other improvements.  Outdoor remodeling consists of the roof, shingles, gables, doors, windows, siding, doors, walkways, porches, decks and landscaping.  Enhancing the outside aesthetics enhances the interior floors, walls, counters, cabinets, etc.

Remodeling & Renovation Upgrades

TOTL Building & Design provides you with a reasonable estimate for all the outdoor and indoor work requested, so you can line up your financing before we commence and complete your project.  We’ll even add in the cost for materials of your choice and our labor before the project starts.  We can help put together a budget to make sure there are no unexpected costs, provide a contingency for a pipe bursting pipe or other type of unforeseen repairs that require immediate attention.  We will keep you on budget so you don’t deplete your renovation funds and make sure you don’t end up with an unfinished home.

TOTL Building & Design is very versatile and who specializes in home renovation, remodeling and construction.  We provide a limited guarantee on our interior and exterior work.  If you desire excellent kitchen, bathroom, dining, bed room, even entire room additions, we can meet your high standards of excellence.

Have your fixer upper property turned into an enjoyable home you would love to live in or to sell quickly on the market.