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Fences – Building One to Add to Your Home’s Value

By Sharon De Jesus

Fences are part of the idea of the American home. You’ve heard it before. The white picket fence is part of the fairy tale home. If you are considering what to do to improve your home’s value, you may want to consider a fence.

Before you decide on the type of fence you need to know why you want to build a fence. Depending on the actual use of the fence, your decision on fence style will vary.

If you want to create a visual boundary, you don’t need such a sturdy fence. It need not be solid. A boundary fence can be more decorative. However, if you need to use it as a real barrier, the materials will have to be sturdier, and the fence will look a bit different.

The following fences are are some you can think about when you are ready to build a fence.

The picket fence comes in a variety of designs. It is a boundary fence, not designed to keep people or animals in or out. Therefore, there are spaces between the slats. They come in a variety of styles.

Crossed Rail fences are like picket fences to some degree. The difference is that crossed rail fences are built with criss crossed slats. These are decorative.

Privacy fences are the solid fences that create a wall of protection. These fences provide privacy and are well suited for keeping children and animals from roaming out of your yard. The ideal is to build one that a child can’t climb up. The other thing you want to look for is a fence that you can’t see through.

A basket weave fence is a variation of a privacy fence. It is solid and sturdy. The difference is that the boards are horizontal instead of vertical.

You can find a variety of fence building kits in home improvement stores. If you need a very sturdy fence and are unsure of the procedure or whether you have the right tools to complete the project, you should consider hiring a professional. The key is to first decide what type of fence you will build, then you can determine if you need professional help or if you can complete the project on your own.

Only you know how much you can handle. If this is going to be your first project, you may want to have it done, as there are many considerations, and doing it wrong can end up costing more in the long run.

Looking for a DIY fence building guide [http://diyfencebuildingguide.info]? Visit diyfencebuildingguide.info for more information and tips to building a good fence. Also, if you are looking for a woodworking for beginners guide? Visit woodworkingforbeginnersguide.info

Article Source:  Fences – Building One to Add to Your Home’s Value