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Multiple shower heads

If You Enjoy a Nice Hot Shower, you’ll love a Multi-Nozzle Shower System

By Sandford Tuey

The majority of people enjoy a long hot shower more than bathing in a tub of gradually cooling water. If you relate to this, then having many nozzles is even more enjoyable. A quick renovation of your bathroom or remodeling another room, can have you and your partner in ecstasy.

Electric Shower System

An electric shower guarantees a constant flow of hot water, even if your hot water heater has only cold water remaining in it. A heating element ensures you won’t ever run out of hot water during your shower. Plus, electric showers are more Eco friendly and are over 99% efficient because it heats only the water you use and does not use up your hot water tank. Electric showers are independent from your central heating boiler, letting you have a shower for as long as you desire, without ever having to worry about the hot water running out. You will need a certified electrician to assist in the installation an electric shower.

Shower Towers or Shower Panels

These showers are easy to mount to walls of your shower area. You won’t need to remove any tiles or remodel your bathroom. They offer a unique type of shower experience, since the water can be aerated to give you the feeling of a spa or create a complete body mist spray. Adding a hand-held sprayer will complete your dream shower system.

Power Showers

This type of shower has a pump built in and can add more pressure should you have low water pressure. The pump forces water at a high pressure on to the user, letting them feel like they are getting a deep warm liquid massage.

Eco Showers

Eco showers lower water usage, while aerating the water being pumped through a low flow shower head. This also doesn’t affect the water pressure of your showering experience. These types of showers are great for lowering your high-water bills by as much as 70%. They also give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing something positive for the environment.

Water conservation is the right thing to do and reducing your water usage and wastage allows you to stop keeping an eye on your meter, while saving a lot of money every year.

Shower Facts:

  1. A standard shower uses around 7 liters of water per minute, a power shower uses 23 liters a minute
  2. A normal size bath will use around 90 liters of water
  3. It is estimated that an average person uses approximately 150 liters of water a day
  4. A person spends 7 minutes in a shower, which adds up to around 2,500 liters. By upgrading to a low flow shower head, you will reduce your water usage and cost

Nothing is more enjoyable that stepping into a modern, multi-head shower area, where water sprays over your entire body 360 degrees simultaneously. It is an experience you will never forget and can be enjoyed by you and your partner at the same time.

With a bit of remodeling or renovating your single shower can be replaced with as many shower heads that you desire and you can even have layers of shower heads from head to toe to focus on other body parts besides your head and chest, all at the same time. TOTL Building & Design can make your cleaning experience perfect.