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Elaborate Throne Rooms for a King or Queen

By Sandford Tuey

One of the most used rooms in a home is the washroom(s). Why not ensure your throne room is up to date and eco-friendly? Many homeowners just want their facilities to do be functional, but it is a more enjoyable visit if these rooms and its equipment and décor are current, providing your family with efficient and the maximum pleasure it can. Here are several ideas to guarantee visitors will be in awe and wanting the same in their homes:

  1. Color Scheme (calming, earth based colors are the most popular today. If you are more extravagant, then use metallic and precious metal tones or even marble and granite.
  2. Toilets (Type – Self Washing/Bidet/Auto-Flush/Seat Sensors*)
  3. Plumbing – Sinks & Shower/Bath Tub (Multi-Head Shower-Jacuzzi Tub-Cold/Warm Sitz Relieves Many Medical Conditions)
  4. Hidden Shelves and Medicine Cabinets (Lock)
  5. Storage for Supplies: TP Cleaning Supplies (Lock)
  6. Towels Racks and Storage
  7. Bubble Wash/ Two Sinks (No Touch Taps) First Impressions
  8. Floor Heat and Warm Seat – Suction Fan to Get Rid of Aroma
  9. Auto Air Freshener
  10. Eco-Friendly Less Water per Flush (H2O Filter Reverse Osmosis/Ozone/Purification Ion Filter)

*Toilets come in one or two pieces. They vary to the user’s desired purpose, but the females in your family prefer toilets with a bidet.

Pulse Bidet Toilet – Normal or Soft seat/Soft & Hard Streams/Specialized Adjustable Nozzle Water Pressure & Temp for Sensitive Children & Elderly.

Bidet Features:

  • Fits 1- and 2-piece toilets
  • Available in round & elongated seat sizes
  • Available in white and other colours
  • Electricity required
  • Warm seat with seat safety sensor & temperature settings
  • Anti-slam seat & lid
  • Child mode
  • On-Demand Ceramic Heating System for unlimited warm water & energy efficiency
  • Twin moving nozzles (Two adjustable reach – forward/back wands & nozzles)
  • Aerated or eco-friendly conservation of water
  • Massage wash button (auto-moving wands & nozzles)
  • Pulse wash mode
  • Hot/cold cycle wash – Exclusive Feature!
  • Sitz-bath wash – Exclusive Feature!
  • Adjustable water pressure & temperature
  • Adjustable dryer temperature
  • Quick-release feature for cleaning
  • Energy-save mode

No home would be complete without a shower and/or bath tub. Why settle for the standard boring types? Improve your hygiene with an upgrade:

Types of Showers – Pros and Cons.

  • Digital showers – These are new state of the art showers that use an electronic control panel to control the water flow pressure and the temperature.
  • Electric Showers – allows multi-head shower heads to alternate in patterns you will enjoy
  • Mixer Showers – multi head shower heads with alternation pulse types
  • Shower Towers/Shower Panels – vertical surround types
  • Power Showers – now you can control the stream velocity
  • Eco Showers – most new shower heads are eco-friendly so purchase new.

When choosing a new shower, it’s important to get the best one for the most economical price. There are many people today who, and rightly so, are concerned about water waste. This includes sustainability and ecology. There are a number of excellent products within the marketplace such as eco friendly sinks which could suit you. There are many products out there but today we would like to raise awareness of is an innovative idea called sink positive. This is simple but extremely clever idea. It allows you to reuse the waste water you’ve used for washing your hands in to flush your toilet.

Bathtubs of the Future
It is now common everywhere to be able to purchase regular tubs or deluxe Jacuzzi style monsters. Tubs are now made to fit two or more. They have multiple heads and stream flow control and can even warm themselves. The digital smart tubs are amazing and can be programmed from a smartphone to start filling up with water to a precise temperature, ready for you when you get home from work or a night on the town.

Eco-friendly sinks
These types of sinks can be installed quickly and with little hassle, by rerouting the water supply and directing it into your sinks. This could save you money on your water charge and are economical and ecological. Sizes vary which is perfect for small bathrooms and confined spaces.

You can add many shelves and cupboards for storage of supplies, towels, etc.

You can even insert a television monitor recessed into the wall so you can relax in your Jacuzzi tub, with a glass of your favourite beverage and watch anything you desire.

If you are looking for your dream remodeling, contact TOTL Building & Design. We would love to help you with any renovating and remodeling to ensure your experience is the best.