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How To Choose Siding

How to Choose a Siding That Meets Your Needs

By Aaliyah Arthur

Siding is like the house’s suit of armor. It offers protection against noise, extreme temperatures, water and debris. Both the house and its occupants benefit from this material. Homes that are protected with quality materials are not only more likely to remain in good repair, they will also generally sell at a higher price than other comparable residences in the area. Choosing an exterior finish is partially about personal taste and design style, but there are other factors that determine what material is best.

Choosing For Durability

If a product that will last a lifetime is desired, consider using fiber-cement. This incredibly durable selection is built to last and it is the perfect option for homeowners that are installing something they want on their home for decades. Fiber-cement is often used on older homes during renovations because it is an adaptable product that mimics the look of other materials. This makes it a sensible solution for anyone that wants a material that will not take away from the allure of his or her home. It is easy to paint and to maintain and will retain its appearance for decades.

Selecting for Affordability

Vinyl siding still remains as one of the best deals in exterior redecorating. It is fast to install, easy to maintain and affordable. Another reason for its popularity is the many color options available. It is amazingly easy to customize a home with vinyl, and equally affordable to purchase trim pieces for windows, fascia boards and much more. Modern vinyl is fade-resistant, can withstand heavy winds and rain, and is impervious to rot or decay. It is the answer for people who are tired of scraping and painting every couple of years and want a simple and attractive alternative.

Buying for Efficiency

When choosing siding homeowners often think about more than the exterior of their home. They also consider the comfort of the interior as well as their own bank accounts. Energy efficiency is important today because of the unpredictability of utility costs. Vinyl is also available in an insulated version. This means it is both affordable and durable and includes the added benefits of the insulation. When properly installed it will reduce energy loss by helping the home maintain its interior temperature, but this is not the only benefit it provides. Studies have shown it to be an effective moisture barrier for the exterior of the house. In humid areas and regions with a lot of precipitation this is extremely important. Insulated vinyl is also more rigid and durable than its non-insulated counterpart.

When deciding between the three options listed each consumer has to decide on what is most important to them. Someone refinishing a small starter home or a rental location will do best with the low-cost and easy to maintain vinyl. Fiber-cement is for the discerning homeowner that requires a versatile and reliable product and is willing to spend a little more for high-quality finishes. Insulated siding is a great choice for anyone seeking a bargain and looking for a way to control their utility bills.

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Article Source: How to Choose a Siding That Meets Your Needs