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Amaze Your Friends with a Collection Display Room

By Sandford Tuey

Is your personal collection of Knick knacks or figurines, or anything else you treasure, not displayed professionally? You can correct that. Imagine a display room designated specifically to show off your prized possessions! Somewhere you can show off these priceless items. Renovating an existing room or creating a new room just for this is a solid option. Here are several ideas to have the best show room in the world.

Renovate an Existing Room:
Choose a room in your home that you desire to hold your collection in. Ensure that it is not in direct sunlight or one that does not get dusty.

Build a New Display Room:
Should you not have a room available to designate for collection purposes you can hire a subcontractor to add an addition to your home. Should you require an addition to your home, you should call TOTL to design and build one for you.

Temperature Regulation & Filtration Unit:
Depending on the type and size of your collection will determine if it requires a regulated temperature control or the ability for this room to filter out any particles. You can go online and search for climate control equipment and filtration units.

Secure Your Possessions:
Putting a solid hard wooden door is better than the hollow wood doors normally put in by house & Condo contractors. However, a metal door will withstand and defend anything in your display room. The type of locking system will ensure access to the room is controlled while you are not home. I recommend a push button code lock.

Your collection will determine specific ways to display them. You may want to show off these excellent possessions by hanging posters or framed picture and photos on the walls. If you have precious signed sports jerseys, you could put in multiple hanging racks.

You could use professional display cases with lights that illuminate the items within it. This is the most common way to professionally display collections.

You can build shelves all around the room and depending on how much of a collection you have, will determine the number of shelves you will need. Should you not want to renovate or build these shelves yourself, get a hold of TOTL Building & Design to assist you to set this up for you.

Image courtesy of © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar, via Wikimedia Commons