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Solar panels

Add Solar Energy System to Your Home and Save Money


It is time to climb out of the stone age and quit paying for fossil fuels to heat your home. Get off the grid and still have enough electricity to spare! As the price of coal, oil, natural gas and electricity rise in price, you can escape this cycle of payments per month. Break free today.

New green energy has come a long way and is now very affordable. The price of solar power has dropped by 33% since 2010. This trend of lower cost is expected to continue for quite some time. Solar is now cheaper than wind and is the best opportunity in the renewable energy industry.

The price of solar power devices and equipment has always been tied to its popularity and interest. Now that solar systems undercut coal, oil and natural gas plus wind power, your wallet will benefit enormously. This revolution is due to innovations and a more efficient building cost makes renewable energy sources more important today. This renewable energy source is expected to save you substantial money.

Solar panels are expected to fall by 10% per year! Commercial solar systems, home solar systems and photovoltaic power plants will be able to outperform the traditional alternative power sources. Solar is now a viable choice for individual’s houses and owners will sprint to get the money savings. A typical solar energy system can save you over $1,000 off your power bill per year. Take advantage of this future industry and help your wallet now.

All you have to do is contact TOTL Building & Design today. Our crew will design your solar energy system to fit your home and needs perfectly, we also will help you obtain the equipment and building materials, then assemble your new energy system and help to ensure that it works properly. Quality is our middle name.

The scientists consider that 75% of the world will be using solar by 2050. Will you be ahead of the curve? Save money today!

Solar Energy Is the Wave of The Future